Tonica Paprika Baladin - 12 bottles box

Inspired by Mirka Andolfo’s character Paprika, Tonica Paprika is a limited project by Baladin, the most important Italian craft beer and soft drinks producer.

40,58 €

Tonica Paprika is a special version in the Baladin range of tonic waters. 

Its spicy notes and lobster color make it a unique experience for the eyes and the palate.

The taste is a pleasant surprise, with a combination of flavors that can be typically found in paprika.

The classic bitterness of quinine is complemented by an enveloping hint of saffron and tomato peel. The “journey” ends with the fresh and spicy note of chili pepper.


You can taste this amazing and spicy soda while reading Sweet Paprika! This pack contains 12 bottles (0.20 cl each).


Important: right now, this product is available only for European (Schengen area) customers!


This product will be shipped after June 15, 2021.

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